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We'd like to thank you for taking part in our READING AND WRITING APPRECIATION WEEK. Although the project is for one week, we encourage everyone to continue visiting schools throughout the school year. As well, we welcome your comments, pictures, and anything else you'd like to share with us on your school visit.
We will be offering FREE handouts for you to print and take along with you during your visits to schools. Feel free to hand them out and help us spread the Musing Our Children project.
Thank you.

Bookmark us and come back often as we upload more handouts for you to use.
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You can modify to suit your needs but here's an idea what to put together for a school visit or for a presentation to the school on what you have to offer, within your folder:
  • black (or any color you like) pocket folder, one that has space to place a business card
  • our brochure to leave with the school
  • mini flyer(s) to hand out
  • writer's introductory letter - what you have to offer in ways of workshops
  • picture permission letter for schools to photocopy beforehand and have ready to hand out to the classroom you will be visiting
  • our suggested reading material for various age levels

You can add anything else to better prepare yourself for a fun and educational visit.


Once you have concluded your visit/workshop, here is a suggestion to offer to each child to take home with them in a standard manuscript envelope:

  • a Thank You letter addressed to the parents and teachers (TO BE UPLOADED SOON)
  • an order form to order any of your children's published books (TO BE UPLOADED SOON)
  • bookmark(s)
  • certificate of participation
  • envelope to place and seal purchase money for books
  • suggested reading books handout for that grade level you have just visited
  • printed Pages & Pens current Newsletter
You can adapt to fit your own needs.
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Download the sampler of the Author Introductory Workshop Handout

This Author's Introductory Workshop Handout is a sampler to modify according to your own school workshops you conduct. Please keep the basic information on our goal in tact.
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Sample Thank You Letter to give to each participating student and teacher.

This sample Thank You Letter can be given to each student and teacher during your school visit. You can modify to suit your own needs.
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Sample order form to adapt to your needs.

This sample order form can be adapted to suit your own books. Each order form is made for one book write up. The order form can be placed in your standard envelope along with a bookmark, Appreciation Week Participation Certificate, Thank you letter, and your author introductory letter
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Suggested Reading for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grade One

Download this two page suggested reading handout for Pre-k, Kindergarten, and Grade One levels.
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Suggested Reading for Grades 2 to 5

Download this two page mini newsletter containing Suggested Reading books for Grades 2 to 5 along with Tips for Parents.
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Reading and Writing Appreciation Week Graduate Bookmark for the younger grades

This handout has four bookmarks on one sheet to print, cut, and handout to students. This bookmark is designed for the younger grades.
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Certificate of Participation during our Reading and Writing Appreciation Week

Print this Certificate, sign it at the bottom, and offer it to every student in the class you visit during our Reading and Writing Appreciation Week.
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Author Visit Contract

Print this Author Visit Contract and modify it to suit your own school workshops. Suggestion: Contract should be filled out in duplicate (one for writer and one for school when signed by both parties).
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Photo Release Form

Print this photo release form to offer to schools to hand out to the students to get permission from their parents to use any photos taken during a school visit to place in our site, newsletter or your own.
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