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Musing Our Children

The Little Candy Breathing Dragons reviewed by Katherine and Sarah
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Katherine (6) and Sarah (4), along with the help of their mom, Cheryl, review

 The Little Candy Breathing Dragons by Gloria Clark


What is this book about?

Katherine:  Dragons Maj and Nay-Nay leave home for an adventure and help other animals along the way back home again.

Sarah:  Maj and Nay-Nay help animals while they try to get home.

What are some of the parts you remember?

Katherine:  There’s a picture of Maj with her head in the snow that is pretty.  I like the polka dots on her back.

Sarah:  There is candy on the ground in Buffalo .

What is your favorite part?

Katherine:  Maj and Nay-Nay getting back home again.

Sarah:  The kids in the garden, because it’s summer there.

What can you tell us about the pictures?

Katherine:  They are very detailed and bright.

Sarah:  They are bright so I can see them.  I like the wavy sun.

What does this book teach you?

Katherine:  That if you remember what you did you can always find your way home.

Sarah:  You should be nice to others.  It teaches me to be nice to Katherine.

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