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Musing Our Children

Three Tall Trees reviewed by Hannah- 7 - from Canada

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Hi. My name is Hannah. I am seven years old, (almost eight), and I'm home schooled. I live in Canada. The authour of the book I read is David Weale, and the title is Three Tall Trees. It's a really good book of poetry.

Book Title: Three Tall Trees

Author: David Weale

Illustrator: Dale McNevin

 This book is about three trees. Enigma the crow tells us the tale of the three tall trees, Jacob, Paul and Elijah Ali. They are always fighting until they learn something about themselves. What they learn changes how they saw each other.

 I like this book because I like reading poetry.

 The poetry in this book is fun to read out loud and that's my favorite part.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you, Hannah, for a wonderful review. I'm so happy to read that you enjoy poetry. I'll be looking forward to more reviews by you. And Happy Birthday since you're 'almost' eight. :)

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