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Musing Our Children

The Hairy Book reviewed by Genevieve Chatel 7
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A Book Review by Genevieve Chatel, Age 7
Title: The Hairy Book           
Author: Babette Cole
Illustrator: Babette Cole
This book is about all the different kinds of hair in the world. A little boy dresses up in different kinds of hair. There are hairy frogs and hairy fleas and hairy knees. I like this book, because it’s all about hair, and I think it’s really funny. It’s silly and gross. In the pictures, I can really see the hair. I think the pictures were made with pencils and pencil crayons.
My favorite part is when the boy has a hairy bath. I think it would be very ticklish to take a bath in hair. I like that the bath rug has little hairs on the ends too. There’s a fun surprise at the end that has to do with hair.
This book reminds me of Doctor Dog because it’s by the same author and the pictures look the same. Both books are really funny and make me feel marvelous.

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