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Musing Our Children

The Legend of Seal Beach Review
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Title:  The Legend of Seal Beach

Author:  Dave McKnew as told by Thomas McKnew Jr. 

Illustrated by:  Kevin Scott Collier

Publisher:  A Video

ISBN-10:  061515593-6

ISBN-13:  978-0-6151-5593-7



Reviewed by:  Katherine Malandrinos, age 6 and Sarah Malandrinos, age 4 with the help of mom, Cheryl.


What did you like about this book?


Katherine:  I like that the seal was Tommy’s friend and that they played together.  The pictures are very detailed, and I like the big words and the amount of space in between them, so I can really see them.


Sarah:  I like that Stanley the seal, balanced the ball on his nose.  I like that Tommy is smiling when he eats with his family.  The pictures are colorful and bright.


What is your favorite part of the book?


Sarah:  That Stanley saves Tommy’s life.


Katherine:  When Tommy named the beach, Seal Beach because of Stanley.


Do you think the book teaches you a lesson?  What is it?


Katherine:  Yes, it teaches you not to get close to a bully.  If they get close to you get away fast.


Sarah:  Yes, it teaches that you should help people when they are in trouble.


Would you tell a friend about this book so they could read it too?


Sarah:  Yes, I’m going to tell my best friend, Celia.


Katherine:  Yes, I’m going to tell Lauren.

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